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Test Run 5 times back to back

I have had a hand full of clients over the years use ista to test there "rebuilt" actuator. and have said its failing one of the several tests / cycles ista does on the actuator.

Upon receiving the actuator back, I can find no faults with the refurbished actuators. So i have decided to get ista and do my own tests.

I Found the following results:

Please note: Warm engine, 12 months old battery, BMW V10, 2005 engine. and 2020 actuator, the actuator was rebuild fully a few weeks ago prior to this video. new gears and rebuilt electronics. NO limp mode and NO fault codes!

I think Ista is a good tool for testing, particular new actuators, but I think its very sensitive.

Why have i found inconsistencies? I can only imagine several number of factors are to play here. battery voltage, engine temperature, age of the engine / age of the TPS (throttle position sensors), throttle adaptations stored in the car, the age and condition of the actual throttle body its self (the 4 or 5 butterfly valves that the actuator is physically opening), and probably other factors too.

Here is my findings on running it 5 times back to back. you will need sound on.


Direct link :https://youtu.be/v_p6dYJEJ3E




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