• Fits BMW M3, M6 & M5

• Models: E90 E92 E93 E60 E63 E64

• Lifetime warranty

• Quality Engineered Gears

Fitting Instructions

If you have electrical failure contact me. If I cant repair your actuators I will replace your actuators.

NOTE: 2 videos Bottom of page : Detailed and a Quick Version

1. The half gear needs breaking out. Drill a couple of holes 2 or 3mm diameter holes around the shaft. Important: Do not "catch the shaft" it will damage the shaft. Once drilled the half gear is weak, use a vice to hold the tab of the actuator and twist the unit and break the gears out. See video.

2. Now slide out the shaft, there is a washer under the half gear don't lose it, or forget to put it back on! Using compressed air, blow out the plastic shavings, and old plastic residue from worn gears.

3. Slide the shaft out and grind off ONLY the ENTIRE lip on the All AROUND the TOP, so the new gear can fit onto the shaft. you will also need to grind all around the top of the shaft to get the new half gear to fit. NOTE - this is only the lip at the end of the shaft to be removed. Don't file the any other part - Just the end of the shaft. NOT THE SPLINES.

4. Tap the shaft with a hammer onto the half gear, one tightly fitted, you need to drill the hole for the pin. 2mm -ideally Cobalt or hss. Important NOTE: Ensure the half gear is flush with the top of the shaft! very important! see picture.

5. Drill a 2mm hole thought the gear see picture, about 8-10mm into the steel shaft.

Now once drilled, tap to remove the half gear and slide the shaft back into actuator, fit the washer and apply a tiny amount of epoxy glue onto the shaft where the gear sits.

6. Take the half gear, line it up for the spring to hook spring back on, and connect the hook of the spring, twist the actuator ONE full turn to wind up the spring and then slide the half gear onto the glued shaft.

7. tap the pin in using hammer and large screwdriver, and use remaining glue to cover the pin as well. Refit new full gear.

Short Express Video: 2:55

Longer More Detailed Video: 6:29


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