• Fits BMW M3, M6 & M5

• Models: E90 E92 E93 E60 E63 E64

• Lifetime warranty

• Quality Engineered Gears


Core/Deposit service how does it work?

Available to UK and Worldwide. We send you actuators out up front, so you receive a rebuilt set, posted express delivery to you 1st.

Delivered within 24hrs UK and 48hrs USA and 72hrs australia these are typical examples.

You need the additional 400 deposit. This deposit is 100% refunded upon return of your old units. Example: You purchase the rebuild service of £470/£480 or £490 (UK, Europe or World) and additionally the £400 deposit.

When returning old units provide your courier the following information:The item description is "Returning to sender faulty BMW electrical units", Value 25usd MAX.

What if my actuators are beyond repair?

Does not matter, I offer a 100% guarantee fix! As long as intact with all parts it is covered under my "cant fix it I will replace it" policy. Simply, if I can not fix it I will be replace it with another.

Do you offer a Single / 1 actuator Repair? I only want one!

Sometimes, my service is for a pair, however in some rare cases I have done a single unit. Despite me telling clients, even if you have a brand spanking new one fitted, it will fail at some point.

The price for a single unit is 280 plus 11.50 UK postage or 20 Europe postage or 30 worldwide postage.

Deposit is 200 for core/deposit service and you will need to contact me direct as there is no checkout available on the site for a single unit.

I'm outside UK, how does it work?

Just checkout via website, once payment is complete, Send the actuators to my address (on website).

MUST include (INSIDE THE BOX), name, return address & contact number.

Courier information: The item description is "Returning to sender faulty BMW electrical units", Value 25usd MAX. Do not mark as Gift or Temporary Export. This avoids unnecessary customs hold ups.

I will repair units and repost express delivery back same day. Please allow 24/48 for return delivery.

I have changed the gears and it does not work can you do just electrical service?

No, my service is a whole service this is gears and full electrical rebuild, regardless of other gears fitted. I can assure you 90% of the time the 3rd party gears are so poor I replace these anyway or on many occasions they have been fitted badly and I need to replace them.

I put a lifetime warranty on the whole actuator. I can not do this if the gears are 3rd party and fitted by 3rd party.

Do you buy old Actuators? I have a few lying around!

Yes, always looking for spares, I pay 25 per broken actuator plus the postage to me. I also purchase any lose parts you have.

How is the Mileage on mobile jobs calculated exactly?

Its from my home address to your home or work postcode. This is 50p a mile, there and back. Example if you are 45 miles away, you will pay 45. If this involves tolls (dartford bridge) please add 10.

Tell me more about the mobile service:

Ben is a good friend of mine and he works for a garage full time. He works independently to Rebuild.org.uk and outside his working hours traveling the UK fitting actuators. Usually evening and weekends (but does get one day a week off). He also does cheap servicing, car programming, car coding, repairs and more...In the very unlikely event of a recall for actuators you have a lifetime warranty on the actual actuators and are replaced for free, however if the jobs was a mobile job, ben will charge mileage to come out and labour is half price.


  • Call Jason: 01322 423 594 / 07590 467 484
  • 9AM - 10PM / 7 Days (Inc Bank Holidays)

  • Email us: jason(at)rebuild.org.uk
  • Main Address & Shipping Address
  • Jason Bayliff
    7 Taunton Road
    DA11 9BY


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