• Fits BMW M3, M6 & M5

• Models: E90 E92 E93 E60 E63 E64

• Lifetime warranty

• Quality Engineered Gears

Refurbish 2 x S85 & S65 Throttle Actuators

£450 ALL INC For 2 Units - 100% Guarantee - 24hr Turnaround

If we can´t fix them - WE REPLACE THEM!

• Unlimited mileage.

• Core/deposit Service is available ( bottom of page). 24hr UK delivery and worldwide express delivery.

• Post units or if you come to me. (I will exchange units on the spot)

• Full UK mobile home service available.

This includes: BOTH actuators, Gears upgraded to superior materials, all Mosfets replaced. Transistors & capacitors checked, Voltage regulators, microprocessor, serial Eprom tested or changed. We offer a same day turn around with a lifetime warranty on the "gears" and lifetime on circuit boards.

Unlimited mileage & Lifetime Warranty entire unit.

Note: Boards will be tested on the road. The majority of the time, worn gears cause the mosfets and other components to over work and fail.

You will need to post us the units to be repaired, we can exchange the units, but a deposit is required up front..

We DO take responsibility if the Microprocessor is faulty. The Entire Actuator is covered under a Lifetime warranty. But in the very unlikely event of a return, we don't take responsibility for time or costs involved in removing or returning a actuator.

Post UK £470

Post Europe £480/€540

Important Notes: All parcels sent Must include a Name, Return Address & contact number in the box. This includes returning units for deposits back!

Parcels from outside the EU When posting, mark as "Faulty BMW Electrical Units - Returning to Sender" & mark value no higher than 25USD MAX- this avoids import charges and customs hold ups.

Once received - Units will be rebuilt, tested and return same day - Fedex Express Delivery back to you.

Post World £490/$650


£400 Exchange Deposit
100% Refund On Return

DEPOSIT. This is for when the units are posted up front. Units sent same day Express delivery. Purchased in conjunction with the above rebuild services.

Name and basic details MUST be included inside the box when returning old units. So the correct person gets their deposit returned.

Example: "hello Jason, its John Smith, I paid deposit by paypal on XX/XX/2018, please refund my deposit, thanks john smith."

When returning old units: Mark as "Faulty BMW Electrical Units - Returning to Sender" & mark value no higher than 25USD MAX

*Required BMW Model • Phone number • • email for Courier & tracking.

What M Car?
Phone Number
Email Address

1. Units posted same day express Fedex

2. Old units MUST be posted back at the earliest opportunity please as I have limited stock.

3. Purchase Deposit


  • Call Jason: 01322 423 594 / 07590 467 484
  • 9AM - 10PM / 7 Days (Inc Bank Holidays)

  • Email us: jason(at)rebuild.org.uk
  • Main Address & Shipping Address
  • Jason Bayliff
    7 Taunton Road
    DA11 9BY


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